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Our cattery is registered at TICA.

We are a small cattery called Lovely Story, and, of course, we are sure that those who ever had luck to deal with these creatures will be fascinated by them once and forever!

Ragdolls are astonishing, magnificent cats with delightful personality and excellent temperament. They are smart and obedient, gentle and delicate. They have soft, rabbit-like coat which you will want to touch again and again… and blue eyes, looking with adoration on the beloved owner. Ragdolls unreservedly love and trust humans. They enjoy communicating with their owner and will follow him or her everywhere if they are allowed to. This breed is known as “gentle giants” of cats’ world because they have the sweetest character in spite of their big size. Ragdolls mature late, coming up to the prime of their life at 3-4 years of their age. Boys are much bigger girls ones, but females of impressive size are also often found.


We love all of our cats as a part of our family and we try to give them the best, including love, care and regard, which they deserve!

All cats cattery have: Blood type A.  

DNA testing HCM-negative N/N.  

DNA testing PKD-negative N/N.



Our first baby - ragdoll and the one who has inspired us!




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