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The most magnificent and most sweet gift to us from dear friend Gail Arthur, cattery Darlin'lil'Dolls.We can never thank her enough for of this sweet and amazing boy!

Amor Amor is a outstanding kitten! He is very beautiful, gentle and kind, and has a soft, silky perfect coat and is just perfectly marked with a gorgeous wide V on his sweet face. His markings are perfection! His big, dark blue eyes make a fantastic impression.

We are so happy to have he here with us and thank Gail from all heart!





color: seal point bicolor       



Our youngest boy LovelyStory Orion! Although he is still a teenager, he already has impressive dimensions and weight! His body is big and strong, his face is full, his head is big with super correct set-up, medium-sized ears, as it should be for true ragdolls! His temperament is so amazing! Gentle and very loving! We look forward to its development and think that Orion will grow into a luxurious cat!

color: seal point bicolor       



Pure Poison really stunning male! He has exceeded our expectations in terms of looks. He has a gorgeous head with a strong chin, beautiful ear set, wide muzzle and super sweet expression. He is a big boy, with very good size boning. He has a wonderful, sturdy body. He very loves people and is always so happy to get some attention. Not only is he handsome, but he is one of the sweetest Ragdolls you could ever see! We think he will be a fantastic addition to our breeding program. Thank you so much Gail and Ashley cattery DarlinLiLDolls for allowing us to have this fantastic boy!

color: seal point mitted, 100% traditional pedigree

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